Quickie P222


The power wheelchair loaded with more options than ever before to meet and exceed you needs. A true performance power wheelchair.

The Quickie P-222 power wheelchair is the revolutionary next generation of the Quickie P-200. It offers users exceptional function with compact powerful styling. Brushless/geared drives provide exceptional torque and greater top end speeds. This enables the P-222 to navigate steep hills, soft dirt and rough grassy terrain. Due to the new latching base system it is now easier to transport and convert the chair. This power wheelchair is top shelf in technology and performance.


  • Power Pak-A power drive system that provides a fast, reliable package of power.
  • Turns on dime-the unique power drive system turns on its axis. The result is responsive handling and cornering, this awesome feature allows you to access places that would have been off limits in a standard power chair.
  • Manual operation-Get two chairs in one package with the manual wheelchair conversion kit. By turning the quick disconnect knobs the P200 is transformed from a power chair to a manual chair in a few easy steps.


Frame Style Performance Power
Wheelchair Speed 4.5mph (std) 6.5mph Optional
Electronics 40A (std) 50A & 80A Optional
Frame Construction Aluminum tri-cell
Seat Widths 16"-20"
Seat Depths 14"-18" (adjustable)
Overall Length 27" w/o hangers
Overall Width 24.5", optional 26.5"
Backrest Adjustable angle
Weight Capacity 250lb (350lb optional)
Overall Weight 115lb w/o batteries
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